Real Food for Mother and Baby

I just read a book by the author of Real Food, Nina Plank, but this more concise version is specifically about nutrition as it relates to pregnancy, babies, and nursing.  It’s not really any new information from her previous book, but I did enjoy reading about her advice to mothers, her humorous experiences as a mother, and her honest accounts about what motherhood is really like (even she gives her baby crackers!)

Nina believes that we should be eating “real food,” stuff your great grandparents ate, and not any new age concoction made from corn and soy products.  She promotes a diet full of meat and dairy from pastured animals, fruits and veggies, and no imitation products (i.e. soy milk).  Readers of my blog know that I don’t completely agree with her, but the book is still a very good read.  Unlike Nina, I think that meat should be used more sparingly, as suggested by the author of Blue Zones.  However, I do agree with her stance on breastfeeding, the importance of omega-3’s, and feeding baby real food from your plate rather than pureed baby food from a jar.  Women pregnant for the first time will especially benefit from hearing her birth story and experience with nursing–she’s honest, funny, and gives really good advice to first time moms.

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